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MVMENT entertainment was founded in 2019 in the busy city of Toronto, Canada. This city is a massive hub for entertainment and nightlife, and we believe there are many hidden gems and talent to explore. Never experience FOMO again as we aim to connect you to the best events and entertainment Toronto has to offer, day and night. Toronto has the same lifeblood as some of the World’s hottest party hubs like Miami, Ibiza, and Vegas. We want to make a day or night out with your boys, girls, best friends, or colleagues as stress free, and memorable as possible. With a few clicks away, we can customize and maximize your experience. Why wait until the weekend? We can accommodate your needs any day of the week. Simply find an event and fill in our questionnaire for guest lists or bottle service reservations.

upcoming events

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"Planned my bestfriends bachelor party through mvment, everyone had a great night. All my questions and slightly annoying requests were accommodated. Thank you mvment my boy needed this last night! "

Shayan Mohsen

"I never knew how to find daytime events around Toronto id always look for new things on blogTO, reading through the blog was time consuming. MVMENT has made my search a lot simpler. "

Amir Shirvani

"I was getting really sick of going to the same bars around town, when I found mvment I had a whole new list of places to try. Still knocking some off my list but I love the vibe and energy of the places suggested by this site. "

Lorena Sumanoque

"I planned a celebration for my employee’s accomplishment on a recent project and the gang had an incredible time, all our options were laid out simply and we were well taken care of at the venue. Thank you mvment will definentely be booking with you in the future. "

Marvin Escandon

"Im new to Toronto and mvment connected me to some great spots, made a lot of friends actually. Thank you mvment for making me feel a little more at home!!"

Ryan Kirkman

"I was always that person who didnt know which places were lit which nights, I didnt even know that was a thing until a friend suggested I check out mvment "

Natalie Casmiro

"I dont really go clubbing so I didn’t know how to make a reservation, mvment makes booking a table at a club so simple, its crazy how complicated calling in clubs around the city are"

Susan Wood

"I was so stressed about my birthday plans but mvment made my booking process really easy I just had to fill in a form. Had a great night. "

Ashley Shazin

"I usually have a tough time finding cool spots in the city for a young crowd, mvment always posts updated places for me and my friends to check out. Thanks guys!"

Maria Guzman